PC Buff  PC Support, Advisory, & Specialist Services for Homes and Small Businesses in the Cotswolds.
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PC Buff will help you get over a problem with respect to your computer not working correctly, such as:

My computer doesn't work:

  • When the computer is switched on, nothing happens
  • Programs that used to work are no longer working the same (or at all)
  • Inability to connect to the Internet 

My computer is slow:

  • The computer seems a lot slower than it used to be
  • The computer seems to take an unusually long time to start up

My computer is unpredictable:

  • When in use, the computer suddenly stops
  • Unexpected things happen for no apparent reason

2004  Nigel Bufton ("PC Buff")

Phone: 01993 830031 Mobile: 07754 773897

 email: pcbuff@bufton.org