PC Buff  PC Support, Advisory, & Specialist Services for Homes and Small Businesses in the Cotswolds.
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PC Buff will provide you, as an individual or small business, with capabilities that you may not have the software or training to do, and for which you have only an occasional need.  The following are just some of the available services:

Photograph Improvement.
Including scratch/blemish removal, colour balance adjustment, brightness, contrast, etc.
Photograph Panoramic-stitching.
Take two or more side-by-side photographs and have them converted into one wide picture (you won't see the joins).
Do you have a photograph that you like to have represented as an oil painting, pencil drawing, watercolour, or whatever?  No problem.
Picture Morphing.
Perhaps you would like a composite "morph" picture made from a photograph and one of you partner.
Route Maps.
How to get from A to B, with detailed driving directions.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
For that document of which you only have a paper copy and you need it on your computer so that you can edit it.
Booklet Printing.
If you have a large 80 page document that you need printed, perhaps a manual you downloaded, why not have it printed as a more convenient and manageable 20 sheet booklet?
PDF Conversion.
For those occasions when someone needs you to provide your document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

2004  Nigel Bufton ("PC Buff")

Phone: 01993 830031 Mobile: 07754 773897

 email: pcbuff@bufton.org