PC Buff  PC Support, Advisory, & Specialist Services for Homes and Small Businesses in the Cotswolds.
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PC Buff provides Personal Computer services to individuals and small businesses who are located in the Cotswolds.  The services available include resolving problems and installing upgrades, providing support and advice, and performing specialist services for unusual or occasional computing needs.

"PC Buff" is Nigel Bufton, with over thirty-five years experience of using computers, who:
        - wrote his first computer program in 1967
        - has been using computer networks since 1975
has been using email since 1977
has been using PCs (Commodore PET) since 1981 
has been using Windows (version 2.0) since 1989 
has been using the Internet since 1995
        - has built his own computers since 1998
        - and is the creator and director of MeggieSoft Games (established 1994)

Nigel spent the 1980s and 1990s in the USA where he held senior technical and sales & marketing management positions with a number of IT companies, including Compaq.  He returned to the Cotswolds in 2001 and now applies his experience and capabilities to his own business activities.

PC Buff was initiated as a result of having provided years of casual assistance to family and friends who unanimously suggested that it become a full-time business.

Nigel appreciates that many people find computers mystifying and do not want to have to understand the jargon and techno-babble in order to use their PC's time, rather than having their PC consume their time.   If you need PC support, advice, or assistance of any type, don't waste time, just contact PC Buff.


2004  Nigel Bufton ("PC Buff")

Phone: 01993 830031 Mobile: 07754 773897

 email: pcbuff@bufton.org