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PC Buff will help you get over a problem with respect to your computer not working correctly.   Normally these would address issues where the computer used to work smoothly, but now something is not working any more, or something strange seems to be happening.  Such instances include:

Exploring & Learning:

PCBuff Advisory Services help you understand how to do new and different things with your computer, even things you might not have thought your computer might be able to help you do.
  PCBuff Advisory Services will also help you work out what extra hardware or software you might need in order to do things you need to do at the least overall expense.  

Alternatively, you might find you need more power or speed to make an older computer perform better but do not wish to purchase a new one.   In these cases, PCBuff Advisory Services will evaluate your current computer and determine the most appropriate and least expensive manner in which it could be upgraded to better meet your needs.   Because the power and speed of any computer is governed by its weakest link, addressing just that part will often provide the boost that is needed at a saving of hundreds of pounds compared with replacing it with a new one.

The third area of PCBuff Advisory Services helps you understand "safe computing" and whether you are taking the appropriate precautions to avoid problems.   Such actions include the appropriate use of anti-virus and Internet security (personal firewall) software, and the value of making regular back-ups of your important data and pictures lest you might lose everything in the case of a disk failure.


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