PC Buff  PC Support, Advisory, & Specialist Services for Homes and Small Businesses in the Cotswolds.
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PC Buff will install hardware and software for you if you  are unable, or prefer not to, do it yourself.  PC Buff will also advise you with respect to what hardware and software you might consider purchasing in order to meet your needs without spending more than you need to.


  • CD/DVD drive installation

  • Hard disk or floppy disk drive installation or replacement

  • Memory upgrade or replacement

  • Processor  replacement

  • Motherboard replacement

  • PCI card installation


  • Installation problems

  • Configuration  and option setup

  • Automatic schedules

Maintenance (Keeping Up-to-Date):

  • Driver Updates

  • AntiVirus Updates

  • Windows Updates

2004  Nigel Bufton ("PC Buff")

Phone: 01993 830031 Mobile: 07754 773897

 email: pcbuff@bufton.org