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Many small businesses are unable to afford full-time PC expertise on the payroll and therefore rely upon their employees to "work it out" for themselves - be it learning new capabilities, solving computer-related problems, or generally helping each other.

The productivity loss from this approach can be considerable and is reflected by the very high figures quoted by industry observers in respect of "Total PC Ownership" costs.  In short, the lion's share of the overall business cost of owning and operating a PC is associated with user support and the lost productivity from it.  The costs of the hardware and software pale in comparison.

Part of the reason that self-support costs are so high result from the common scenario where two people's time are lost simultaneously - the person with the problem and the person helping them resolve it.  For a small business, this is a high cost to pay.

PC Buff provides a retained support contract service whereby PC Buff will be on-site at your place of business on a prescribed and regular basis.  This could be every Thursday morning, for example.  The number of hours per month and the frequency of the visits is determined by agreement.   For support needs outside of the agreed hours, PC Buff will either charge the normal hourly support rate, or provide the support in lieu of the next scheduled visit.


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